Basic maintenance guide for your hardwood floor cleaning

A vital of any cleaning routine includes caring for wood flooring. When you take proper care of your flooring its life gets automatically extended. One of the best things about hard flooring is it can clean pretty easily. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few easy steps on how to maintain wood floors properly. We will also cover few dos and don’ts to your wood floors in better shape over the years. The discussion below will also cover a list of supplies and other resources that are helpful in caring and maintaining wood flooring. Here we go! But first let us start with a few top tips.

Few useful tips for your wooden flooring

  • Sweep wooden floors every day to get rid of dirt and dust.
  • Mop up wet spills without any delay. If a spill is allowed to stay on these floors for some time, there could be a colour change to your flooring. Moreover, he floor may also get warped.
  • Never ever apply any abrasive cleaning equipment to the floor.
  • A spray mop with a flat head brings the best cleaning results as far as wooden flooring is concerned. It also has the least possibility of any accidental damage to your flooring.
  • Develop the habit of not walking on the floor wearing dirty shoes or slippers from today.
  • Heavy furniture items will not scratch or scuff the floor if you place protector pads to their bottom.
  • Professionals who provide the service of hard floor cleaning in London over the years have something to say in this matter. According to them you should never use any cleaning or polishing product that is meant for wooden furniture on your wooden floor.  
  • Sanding and refinishing help maintaining appearance of wooden floors.

Cleaning wooden floors easily

Always use a spray mop and a specially formulated cleaner to take the best possible care of wooden floors. Even “ready to use” kits are widely available in the market. The kit comes with a lot of things including a spray mop, microfiber cloth and a detachable cleaning brush, etc. 1 litre each of a universal floor cleaner and reviving wax for wooden flooring also come with it. The kit also includes a care and maintenance guide on wood flooring along with few other things.

The complete kit for cleaning wooden flooring includes a spray mop that is easy to glide. It features an advanced spray handle along with additional grip design. Thus winning over stubborn stain marks becomes much easier. The liquid compartment is refillable. Cleaning wooden flooring becomes effortless with this kit. You do not need to carry any additional equipment either.

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A quick clean is even simpler with it. Fill the liquid compartment with the universal cleaner for floors. When you squeeze the trigger a little of the cleaner is released. The integrated spray system distributes the cleaner evenly on the floor surface. Professionally trained experts providing the service of hard floor cleaning near me suggest make use of the microfiber cloth to capture surface dirt effortlessly. This way it is possible to save time, effort and even money in cleaning wooden flooring surfaces thoroughly.

Getting rid of dust

The first thing to do in cleaning wooden flooring surfaces is getting rid of dust, crumbs and litter. Cleaning of dust, crumbs and litter must be done religiously every week. This effort itself helps maintaining a higher standard of any wooden floor. When your floor is clean of dirt, crumbs and litter there is no chance of scratching of any wooden floor. The chance of scratching is actually minimal in that case.       

Make use of a soft brush to clear away dirt. The soft bristles of your brush also ensure there is no damage to the wooden surface. It is better to use white microfiber dust cloth for the purpose. If you want, you can get it attached to the mop. All you have to do is run it over the floor surface to pick up dust and litter. This is the preparatory step in cleaning the floor. Always avoid using brittle or rough brushes for this purpose. Why? The reason is simple; a brush with rough bristles can easily scratch and scuff the wooden surface. The damage could be irreversible as wood is easily prone to scratches. The same damage may also result from a vacuum. Therefore professionals providing hard floor cleaning services near me suggest you must be patient and careful while cleaning any hardwood floor.  

Weekly cleaning with a slightly damp mop

Clean the wooden surface every week with a slightly damp mop. This pays off abundantly when you do it the right way without using excess water. Remember that excess water is not good for wood. Too much water causes irreversible damage to wood floors. As such using a spray mop with a flat head is even better. This ensures the cleaning liquid is soaked up instantly. There is no damage to the wood from the liquid. Wooden flooring requires little moisture at certain time intervals. Therefore, the procedure mentioned here proves to be a great way to preserve your wood floor in great shape over a period of time. If there is a part of your floor that is less walked on or used, then that portion should be given less regular cleaning.

Things you should avoid

A professional has years of experience in working at a hardwood floor cleaning service near me. He suggests avoiding the following things to extend the life of any hardwood floor.

  • Never leave spills on wood surface. It allows wood to absorb the liquid which is not good for its health in the long run. A spill could be of sauce, alcohol or grease. You must blot it up immediately without letting it get absorbed into the wood.
  • Liquids if left on wooden flooring for sufficient time that could stain the area permanently. There are also chances of permanent damage to the floor as well. The best way is to clean the liquid from the floor immediately.
  • The quality of any wood floor gets reduced when the floor is cleaned seldom. In fact, lack of proper care for your wood floor itself greatly hampers its health. Spillages and stains easily get absorbed through wood. This brings stains on the floor. This may also bring structural damage to a wooden floor like buckling or curling.
  • Trained and expert cleaners working at VIP Carpet Cleaning London point out vacuuming can be damaging for your wood floor when you use the beater bar or bristle bar setting. This makes your floor prone to scratches.