Use of PPC Tools to Improve Your Ad Campaign

PPC Tools to Improve Your Ad Campaign

Unlike SEO, PPC is a social networking advertising model used to attract traffic to various websites where advertisers pay the publishers. In general, many sites charge a fixed amount per click.

Many different social networking sites have adopted PPC advertising tools such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tiktok, and Twitter to make their sites known to the users. The amount of money paid to the publishers is relying on two major factors: the quality of the ad and how much money the advertiser is willing to pay to the publisher.

For the instant growth of the business, many websites follow the path of PPC. Various companies in India provide the best PPC services to help users expand their reach. To get connected with them, for example, you can search the Best PPC Company in Chandigarh and various results will come into view.  However, choosing among a hoard of options can be challenging for many.

Benefits of PPC

•   Contributes to Business Goals

•   It is measurable and traceable

•   Quick entry into the market

•   Advertiser’s control

•   Can work very well with other marketing channels

•   Achieve targeting options

Even most companies in India provide access to different PPC tools to their workforce for making campaigns more effective. These tools are different online platforms design to optimize and manage pay-per-click (PPC). For the rapid and immediate growth of companies, many websites use PPC as their magic wand.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to select which PPC tool is best for your site. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best PPC software for your website. Nonetheless, make sure the selected software has everything that your site needs.

•  Identify your needs

•  Strong features

•  Look at the cost

•  Easy to access

•  Better coordination

Let us share some different and best PPC tools for your website’s growth. Even if you have a low budget, these tools will never let you down.

Best PPC Tools


Semrush has one of the straightforward methods to create optimized Ads campaigns; thus the PPC tool is the best option of all. It helps in generating negative keywords across different groups.

  • It follows a simple setup for ads based on the keywords
  • It can refresh on-demand keywords and upload and download different campaign files to Google’s Add Editor.

Benefits of Semrush:

•  Accurate and highly-used keywords research tool

•  Very effective PPC tool to meet your SEO and other advertising needs

Ad Badger

Ad Badger is an optimization app for our well-known eCommerce website Amazon. It helps to reclaim the wasted amount of ad campaigns and analyzes things to generate the right amount of sales and revenue.

It not only provides software programs but also provides insights from the advertised budget. It allows you to join their community to discuss any PPC issue.

Benefits of Ad Badger:

•  Helps in optimizing the bids and the revenue costs

•  Provide good training to skill up your team

•  Different demos are available

•  Best customer support

Google Ad’s Editor

Google Ads Editor is one of the free and downloadable applications that allow users to manage their campaigns even offline. This unique feature of the software makes it a go-to option for many. Even the Best SEO Company in India relies on the tool for most of their work.

Benefits of Google Ad’s Editor:

•  Can easily manage different ads online and offline

•  Can manage different Google ads account at one time

•  Able to edit bulk ad groups and campaigns

•  Can easily export and import files

•  Flexible in offline editing options


One of the most powerful tools for managing ads is Optmyzer. It will directly integrate into your Google ads, allowing you to make changes in different sections.

 Even you can get alerts so that you can monitor your performance even when you are not around.

Benefits of Optmyzer:

•  Use of customized workflow

•  Alerts for better co-ordinations

•  Multi-account reports at one time

•  Tracking of quality score

To conclude, different PPC tools are available in the market for the improvement of your websites. Around India, many companies provide PPC services to make things easier for people unaware of the technology. So, if you are not much aware of the PPC campaigns, better have a look at the best PPC Company in Chandigarh.